We want to welcome you to the Pocatello Raceway and thank you for your participation in our events. This information is provided to give you information about the operation of our events and the rules, both mechanical and procedural, which govern those events. We urge that you read this manual carefully. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for the infractions. It will be our goal to apply these rules firmly but equitably.

The successful presentation of racing events requires that we each keep in mind that our first obligation is to the racing fan, whose attendance keeps us both in operation. If we do not succeed in offering them consistently clean, well-controlled, entertaining events, neither of us can be successful.

Most of you race as a hobby, and you want to enjoy that hobby without undue expense. We have tried to gear our rules and operation toward enabling you to continue to race at reasonable cost, while we recognize that no set of rules is ever going to please everyone, we believe we have made reasonable and realistic compromises to control costs in our racing divisions.

Your success as a racer and ours as a track operator require an attempt to understand each other’s goals and motivations, and on good communication between us. The rules we have in place now are the first steps in this important communication. Your obligation is to understand and comply with the rules, and ours is to apply them equally to all participants.

Remember: “No sport can be better than the rules which govern it, nor can it survive and progress unless its rules are respected by all.”

We look forward to working with you over the coming season, and wish each of you good luck in your racing efforts at Pocatello Raceway.