General Rules of Competition


  1. GENERAL POLICY Pocatello Raceway recommends that you carefully study the Rule Book(s).
    1. All general rules apply to each and every driver, mechanic and/or pit personnel.
      1. Rules that do not apply will be specifically noted in class rules.
    2. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish requirements for such events.
    3. These rules shall govern all Pocatello Raceway events.
      1. By participating in these events, all participants imply they have complied with these rules and if found otherwise will accept all penalties.
    4. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and/or regulations.
    5. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants or spectators.
    6. It is the responsibility of the driver of the car to see that his car completely satisfies the rules
    1. All cars competing during a race event will be required to have a raceceiver that is programmed and receives instructions from race control.
    2. No racecars shall be allowed on track until the track has been opened for official practice.
    3. No person will be permitted to ride on or in a racecar at any time unless they are properly belted in a seat.
    4. No ATV’s, scooters, or golf carts may be operated in pit area without track approval.
    1. Each participant may be required to show a picture I.D. before entering pit area.
    2. No participant will be allowed in the pit area until he or she has secured a pit permit and read signed the release sheet for that event.
    3. You must read and understand the waiver you are signing.
    4. Pit permits are nontransferable and are not to be worn or signed for by anyone except the person to whom it is assigned.
  4. MINORS: No one under the age of 18 years old can be admitted to the pit area without proper ID and releases from parent or guardian.
    1. Arrangements should be made in advance for minor admittance to the pit area.
    2. Minor release forms shall be signed by ALL legal guardians.
  5. All drivers must be physically and mentally fit for racing.
  6. No driver may race if she is pregnant
    1. All participants competing in classes outlined in this rule book must be members of Pocatello Raceway to participate.
    2. Applications are available at the track office.
    3. Driving in competition is a privilege of membership.
    4. Visiting Drivers who hold and present evidence of current membership in another racing association, proving their experience and fitness, may be permitted to take part in one guest appearance (single event membership) and then must join with Pocatello Raceway as a member. This rule shall not apply where there is a reciprocal agreement in effect with another racing association.
    5. All members are required to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of Pocatello Raceway, it’s Officials, Staff, and Competitors.
        1. Numbers not registered each year with a paid-up membership will be eligible for reissue by the track after a one season absence.
        2. Numbers will be one or two numeric digits only. Letters may be displayed on the cars in addition to the registered number, but will not be part of the official registration number.
        3. Each number will only be issued once per class. ie: 7 and 07 are considered the same number; 7B will be registered as the number 7.
    1. Any competitor who wishes to compete consents to the use of their name, numbers, likenesses, pictures of themselves, and their car for publicity, advertising and endorsements both before and after the events, and relinquishes any rights to photos taken in connection with events and consents to the publication of such photos as Pocatello Raceway so desires.
  9. DRIVER QUALIFICATIONS: Driving in competition is a privilege of membership. Driving privileges may be revoked or suspended by Pocatello Raceway for violation of the Pocatello Raceway rules
    1. VISITING DRIVERS who hold and present evidence of current membership in another racing association, proving their experience and fitness, may be permitted to take part in one guest appearance and then must join with Pocatello Raceway as a member. This rule shall not apply where there is a reciprocal agreement in effect with another racing association.
    2. DRIVER CHANGES In the event a driver other than the one listed at sign in is to drive; the Pit Steward must be notified of the change of drivers
      1. The Pit Steward will require a driver change form so that he/she may notify the scoring stand, which in turn will notify the announcer.
    3. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND CONDITION OF DRIVERS: Any driver who, on the day of the race, gives evidence of exhaustion or other physical or mental incapacity making them a potential danger to others on the course, upon examination by the track medical crew shall be excluded from competition by the Pit Steward.
    4. THE USE OF INTOXICANTS or stimulating or tranquilizing drugs by any driver or any other member of the Pocatello Raceway on a race day, prior to or during a race meet, is strictly prohibited under penalty of immediate suspension and/or fine.
      1. Any driver having used any stimulating or tranquilizing drug may be disqualified for thirty (30) days and/or fined $50.00. Second offense will result in disqualification for the balance of the season.
      2. Drinking alcoholic beverages of any kind in the pits, while the track is in operation, will cause that member to be taken from the pits and the associated car excluded from further competition for that event and will result in loss of membership in good standing. Security personnel in the employment of the promoter may be called to assist in enforcing this rule.
      3. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to submit to an appropriate test. Refusal to do so will be an admission of guilt and will be so interpreted.
  10. FINES: Drivers with outstanding fines are not eligible for participation in any events at Pocatello Raceway.
    1. Fines will be imposed only for rule violations.
    2. Fines will be imposed in writing identifying the rule that has been violated.
    3. All fines will be paid at the track office, or at the Pit entry gate, in cash, by money order payable to Pocatello Raceway, or by cashier’s check payable to Pocatello Raceway
    4. All fine money collected shall be used to offset the expense of the end of the year banquet.
  11. ROOKIE:
    1. Driver must submit Rookie eligibility form to Pocatello Raceway for approval.
    2. Drivers are not eligible for rookie status if they have driven in a higher class.
    3. Drivers are no longer eligible for rookie status after more than 2 races in the same class in a prior season.
    4. New Drivers either to the track or to a class must demonstrate their ability to drive to the satisfaction of the officials.
    5. As a safety factor, any inexperienced driver may be required to start at the rear of the field as decided by both the Class Rep and Pit Steward
    1. All new cars must pass Inspection before being allowed to compete.
    2. All wrecked cars must pass Inspection before being allowed to compete.
    3. All cars under protest must pass Inspection before being allowed to compete.
    4. All cars are subject to pre-race and random inspections throughout the season.
    5. Refusing Inspection will forfeit the inspection and the car will be deemed illegal and subject to maximum penalty.
  13. ILLEGAL CARS: Following an Inspection if a car is found to be in violation of the rules of the Pocatello Raceway
    1. Car and Driver shall immediately be suspended from further competition until car is found to be in compliance.
    2. Car and Driver shall forfeit any points earned during the event at which the violation was discovered, earning of points shall continue as soon as the car is found to be in compliance with the rules.
    3. The Class may vote to allow a non-compliant car to participate after a minor violation. However, no points may be earned.
    4. The Pit Steward is allowed to enact a one race grace for minor rule violations; If they feel it is in the best interests of the track AND the class for the car to participate. Points may be earned.
      1. Car is found to be in violation of a weight rule during pre-race inspection, but after qualifying and is able to become compliant before the heat race. This will result in the loss of points for qualifying but not for the heat and main events.
      2. Car is found to be in violation of a weight rule before qualifying but is able to become compliant prior to qualifying. This would result in no loss of points as no points had been earned
      3. Car is found to have illegal parts and is not able to become compliant for several days. This will result in the car not being allowed to compete until it is in compliance, no points may be earned.
      1. GREEN AND YELLOW CROSSED: 2 laps till green, close up and get into your starting positions, the race is about to begin. Cars that fail to close up risk losing their positions if they fail to close up.
      2. ROLLED UP GREEN: One to go till green, you may start accelerating on the back stretch as pace is set by the pole sitter.
      3. GREEN: Start, the course is clear.
      4. YELLOW: Caution– all cars need to slow to caution speeds and be aware of safety personnel on the track. All cars are to fall into a single file line. Remain single file until the corner flagman adjusts the lineup.
      5. RED: Stop – Under red flag conditions, you must come to safe, complete stop. You will remain stopped until we bring out a Yellow flag, or you are directed to move by official safety personnel. You may proceed under caution once the yellow flag is displayed.
      6. BLUE WITH RED DIAGONAL: Hold Your Line, you are being overtaken by faster cars; hold your present line steady to allow passing cars to get around you safely. You may only use 3 lanes of the track until those cars are past you.
      7. ROLLED UP BLACK: Warning, you are doing something you are not supposed to be doing, continuing to misbehave will result in a full black flag.
      8. BLACK: leave track on next lap and proceed to the hot pit tech area to speak with the Pit Steward, or to allow your crew to repair damage to your car.
      9. WHITE: signals last lap of the race.
      10. CHECKERED: You have completed the race
    1. Cars must arrive on time by 5:30 p.m. to be qualified. Any car that is not in the pit area one-half hour after time-ins are scheduled to start will be allowed to time in and must run in the scratch position.
    2. Track officials will determine the order in which car shall be qualified.
    3. Qualification is restricted to one warm up lap and two timed laps for cars on slicks and two timed laps for cars on street tires with no warm-up lap.
    4. If a car breaks the class record, the car and driver must return to the track after the cars in their class have qualified, and will receive an additional 2 laps to back up the record. The backup must be within 0.1 seconds of the timed lap that set the record, and original time will be scored as the time for the night not the back up time. No adjustments may be made to the car.
    5. A car may be considered qualified for a race event if it has obtained one timed lap.
    6. The qualifying times are to be posted at the Pit Tower.
    7. When two or more cars qualify with the same time, the position time goes to the first car that qualified, the second to the next position, and so on.
    8. Decision on requalifying will be made by the Pit Steward, whose decision will be final.
    9. Cars that fail to qualify may start scratch upon approval of the Pit Steward and Class Rep.
    10. A car must be properly qualified for each specific class or event planned to be run that night.
    11. The person who times in a car must drive that car for the night. If a substitute car or driver enters an event, they must start scratch. A driver may qualify only one car per class for each race meet.
      1. Main event Fields will be full invert from qualifying times on nights cars qualify. On nights a class does not qualify, starting grid will be determined by inverting the last race finish. Cars that did not finish the last race will start scratch.
      2. Heat race starting grids will be staggered.
        1. Fastest Car in qualifying will be at the back of the A heat, second fastest at the back of the B heat, remaining cars will alternate A heat and B Heat by qualifying time until all cars have been assigned.
      3. The one second rule is an option the track can use.
        1. Any car(s) qualifying 1 full second slower than the second fastest qualifying car shall be inverted behind the main pack.
      4. Rookies placed in the back under the rookie rule who make the one second rule shall start ahead of the cars failing to meet the one second rule.
        1. Rookies who fail to make the one second rule shall be lined up as failing to make the one second rule without consideration of their rookie status.
      5. Official starting grid(s) will be posted at the Pit Tower prior to the start of the preceding event.
      6. All cars wishing to drop or scratch shall notify the pit steward and/or pit tower 10 minutes prior to the start of the preceding event.
        1. In the event a car fails to make the starting grid, the cars shall change inside and outside starting positions to fill the hole.
      7. Cars who do not take their places on the starting grids will start at the back of the field.
      8. Cars for any heat race or main event will be lined up in their proper starting position on the grid when the previous class enters the track.
      9. Drivers who unnecessarily delay the start of a race, or who take positions which are not rightfully theirs will be disqualified from the race or subject to other penalties at the discretion of the Flagman or the Pocatello Raceway.
  17. STARTS
      1. All races shall have rolling starts.
      2. The pole car sets the pace, if any car willfully jumps the starts, they do so at the risk of being pulled in and restarted in last position.
      3. No more than two- (2) false starts will be permitted. After the second false start, the offender will be pulled and placed in the last position of the event.
      4. Cars must hold their position and there shall be no passing until after the starting flag is dropped. The flagman’s decision will determine if there was offence.
      5. Should a car pull out of the field before the start of an event, that car shall have to be back in position before the parade lap. If the car fails to be in position by the parade lap, the remaining cars will move up, filing the Vacated position as described for the starting grid
      1. There shall be no restarts unless the track is dangerously blocked and this shall be at the Starter’s discretion.
      2. In the event of a restart prior to the second lap, cars shall line up as they were on the original start.
      3. From the second lap on, cars will be started in single file position they were running on the previous green lap.
      4. Any driver, who in the judgment of the Starter delays the start of the race, will be placed at the rear of the pack for the restart.
      5. Restarts will be lined up, based on the last complete full lap of the entire field, under GREEN
      1. If you are involved in the cause of a caution, you will be sent to the back of the pack.
        1. All cars involved will be lined up in the order they were in under the last completed green flag lap at the rear of the main field.
        2. The flagman, at his option may place any car he deems to be at fault behind all other involved cars.
        3. Cars that spin out, or stop to avoid an already in progress incident; who do not make contact; are not considered involved.
      2. Cars are allowed to leave the track under green or yellow, but may only enter the track with the permission of the back flagman.
      3. In dangerous situations the race needs to be temporarily stopped until safe conditions can resume.
      4. Laps under Caution do not count as competition laps.
  20. FINISH
    1. The checkered flag will be shown ending the race when the lead car has completed the posted number of laps for the event.
      1. Any rule or violation where a specific fine or penalty is not otherwise provided, the fine or penalty shall be determined by Pocatello Raceway.
  22. SCORING:
      1. Year-end points will be awarded to the car number, not the driver
        1. If a second car is used, the number must be changed to reflect the car number, the points are to be applied to.
      2. Year end points will be awarded as follows:
        1. 1 point per position awarded from the bottom up for time ins and each race.
        2. 5 (show up) points will be awarded to each car that attempts to qualify.
      1. A car must compete in 75% of the scheduled races to be eligible for year-end award.
  24. PAYOUTMINIMUM CLASS: Payouts begin when there are 6 or more cars of the same class that qualify and start the main event.
    1. In order to receive payout, Drivers must have submitted the appropriate forms to the track office.
    2. Payouts are awarded at the pit meeting of the next scheduled event.
    3. Members receiving payouts are required to sign for them unless prior arrangements have been made.
    4. Payouts not collected within 30 days of award will be forfeit and used to offset the costs of the banquet.
    5. The track will payout as follows:
      1. Mods and Limiteds– 1st place – $125, 2nd place – $75, 3rd place – $50
      2. Streets, 1st place – $100, 2nd Place – $75, 3rd place – $25
      3. JYD and Minis 1st place – $75, 2nd Place – $50, 3rd place – $25
      4. Hornet 1st place – $50, 2nd place – $30, 3rd place $20
  25. Added sponsor money will be paid in addition to track payouts according to the wishes of the sponsor.
      1. The protest system is set up to allow those who feel wronged to proceed in an orderly manor towards a fair settlement of their dispute(s)
          1. Officials and drivers are the only persons allowed to file a protest and must have participated in the event where the protest originated.
          2. All protest must be in writing on an official protest form, which is available from the Secretary and/or Class Rep., signed and submitted to the Class Rep within 30 Minutes of the 1ast race.
          3. A $50.00 fee is required with each protest, at the time of the protest, which is nonrefundable. This rule shall not apply to protests enacted by track officials and Class Reps when 3 or more cars are being inspected for the same rule violation.
          4. All properly submitted protests will be acted on in accordance with the rules; and all involved parties will be notified of the place and time of the meeting to handle the protest.
          5. All involved parties shall receive written notice of actions taken within one week.
          6. Additional protest fees apply when gaskets must be unsealed to check for legality. Half the protest fee is non-refundable and will be paid to the mechanic or shop used to check the parts in question. The other half of the fee will be awarded to the car being protested if the parts are legal, or returned to the protesting party if the parts are deemed not legal.
            1. Heads, valves, exhaust, ect: $100
            2. Cam, lifters, rocker arms, pushrods, ect: $100
            3. Crank, Rods, pistons, ect: $200
            4. Gear ratio, rear-ends, ect.$100
            5. Carburetor, intake, air cleaner, ect $100
          7. The car owner must surrender the car for inspection immediately following the main event run by the car in question.
          8. The time and place for inspection will be set at the time the car is sealed or impounded.
          9. Pocatello Raceway assumes no responsibility for impounded cars.
          10. Only the Technical Committee, one representative for the car being protested and one representative for the protesting party may be present at inspections conducted outside the track.
          11. All Protest inspections or impounding of cars for later inspection shall take place immediately following the protested car’s main event.
          12. Refusal to comply with a protest will result in loss of points for the night, immediate suspension of the car, driver, and owner until all fines and penalties set by Pocatello Raceway are satisfied.
          13. Any car found to be illegal through a protest will result in immediate suspension of the car, driver, and owner until all fines and penalties set by Pocatello Raceway are satisfied.