ALL cars must remain factory stock-these cars are intended to be CARS THAT WE RACE, NOT RACECARS.

    1. Any 3 or 4 cylinder car with maximum wheelbase of 103 inches with a complete stock engine, body, frame and suspension for that year, make and model.
    2. Examples of cars to fit this class: Neon, Storm, Corolla, Nissan Sentra, VW Golf, VW Jetta, Saturn, Cavalier, Sunfires, etc.
    3. No sports cars.
    4. No DOHC cars, No rotary engine cars, No mid-engine cars, No turbos allowed.
  2. CAR WEIGHT (Pending class approval)
    1. All weights will be evaluated with driver in driving position. All minimums must be met at all times.
    2. All cars must weigh a minimum of 1 lbs per CC of engine displacement with a minimum weight of 1500 lbs.
    3. Cars will be weighed before the start of the race.
    4. Once weighed, any car returning to their pit will be weighed again before allowed to race.
    5. Added car weight must be painted white, or highly visible silver, with car numbers included in block form (no Pellets), and must be securely fastened in the center rear floorboards of the car.
    1. A full windshield, in good condition, is recommended. Lexan or poly-carbonate may be used in lieu of standard safety glass when cage has halo and front A post supports.
    2. Safety belts must be bolted to the cage as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
    3. All doors must be welded or bolted shut.
    4. A window net must be installed according to safety rules.
    5. All door window glass must be removed.
    6. Headlight, taillight, and parking lamp covers must be removed and covered.
    7. If dash has been removed, spreader bars, A posts, and halo are required. Otherwise dash must remain stock for that year make and model.
    8. A master battery disconnect switch mandatory. The switch should be mounted so as to be accessible from inside and outside the car, being accessible from both sides.
    9. When cutting fender wells for tire clearance, original openings must be followed and rear wheel wells retained (can be patched if damaged). The top fender lines must be uncut with no bubble above.
    10. Stock hood must be used. Inner hood support may not be removed. Rear deck inner support may not be removed. Both hood and rear deck must be secured with pins and factory hinges. All cars must have hood and deck lid in place to compete.
    11. All cars must run a bumper strapped to the frame or fenders to prevent hooking
    1. No modifications, alterations, or additions allowed.
    2. No performance chips, aftermarket tuning, or programing allowed.
    1. Stock carburetor/fuel injection system for that year, make and model required.
    1. Radiator must remain stock in stock location.
    2. Radiators must have a stock catch can.
    3. Ducting to cool the radiator is allowed.
    4. The top of the cooling fan must have stock covering to prevent accidental body contact with fan.
    1. Battery may be relocated to behind driver’s seat. Battery must be in approved marine type battery box or the like, subject to board approval. The battery box must be secured to the car with bolts, straps or both.
    1. Stock exhaust system for that year, make and model required.
    1. Stock transmissions and other drive train parts for that year, make and model required.
    1. Stock suspension for that year, make and model required.
    2. Springs may NOT be cut, heated or changed and must meet factory original specs.
    3. Spring rubbers, twisties, wedges, and any other spring stiffening/softening device are NOT allowed.
    1. Maximum wheelbase allowed is 103″ inches. Cars must run wheelbase as specified by original manufacturer.
    1. Stock steering must be used.
    2. Center of steering wheel must be padded with at least 2″ inches of resilient material.
    1. If stock gas tank is forward of rear axle, it may remain in place.
    2. If stock gas tank is behind rear axle, it must be replaced with a fuel cell.
    3. Any gas tank may be replaced with a fuel cell.
    1. Passenger car tires mandatory on all 4 corners.
    2. Wheels must be stock of any make.
    3. All 4 wheels and tires will be of the same size (example 205/60/16)
    4. No alloy wheels
    5. Factory ride attitude must be maintained.
    6. Made for racing Tires not allowed. No performance tires.
  15. FRAMES
    1. No bracing anywhere except inside the drivers compartment.
    2. Roll bar hoop with 2 kickers allowed directly behind the driver. Or, roll bar hoop with halo, front a post supports, and door bars allowed as per safety rules.
    3. Front loop for radiator support is allowed. Must remain forward of centerline of front spindles and cannot extend more than 2″ in front of radiator, or as per tech approval.
    4. Nerf bars OR door plates may be used. Material for Nerf bars must not exceed 1 1/2″ 0.095 steel round or 1” x 2” box tubing. Nerf bars allowed between front and rear tires. Nerf bars cannot exceed 2″ inches from original body lines. Ends must be rounded or rolled (no sharp edges).
    5. Driver side door plates recommended.
    1. The claim is in effect at all times and the claim amount is $1200.00 for the entire car.
    2. Seat and belts may be removed at time of claim. ALL other components may not be removed.
  17. RADIOS
    1. One-way radios are mandatory, receive only.
    2. When used, Drivers must be able to hear Race Control
    3. Spotters not allowed.