Protest Form

Protest Form here:


From the General Rules:

The protest system is set up to allow those who feel wronged to proceed in an orderly manor towards a fair settlement of their dispute(s)

    1. Officials and drivers are the only persons allowed to file a protest and must have participated in the event where the protest originated.
    2. All protest must be in writing on an official protest form, which is available from the Secretary and/or Class Rep., signed and submitted to the Class Rep within 30 Minutes of the 1ast race.
    3. A $50.00 fee is required with each protest, at the time of the protest, which is nonrefundable. This rule shall not apply to protests enacted by track officials and Class Reps when 3 or more cars are being inspected for the same rule violation.
    4. All properly submitted protests will be acted on in accordance with the rules; and all involved parties will be notified of the place and time of the meeting to handle the protest.
    5. All involved parties shall receive written notice of actions taken within one week.
    6. Additional protest fees apply when gaskets must be unsealed to check for legality. Half the protest fee is non-refundable and will be paid to the mechanic or shop used to check the parts in question. The other half of the fee will be awarded to the car being protested if the parts are legal, or returned to the protesting party if the parts are deemed not legal.
      1. Heads, valves, exhaust, ect: $100
      2. Cam, lifters, rocker arms, pushrods, ect: $100
      3. Crank, Rods, pistons, ect: $200
      4. Gear ratio, rear-ends, ect.$100
      5. Carburetor, intake, air cleaner, ect $100
    7. The car owner must surrender the car for inspection immediately following the main event run by the car in question.
    8. The time and place for inspection will be set at the time the car is sealed or impounded.
    9. Pocatello Raceway assumes no responsibility for impounded cars.
    10. Only the Technical Committee, one representative for the car being protested and one representative for the protesting party may be present at inspections conducted outside the track.
    11. All Protest inspections or impounding of cars for later inspection shall take place immediately following the protested car’s main event.
    12. Refusal to comply with a protest will result in loss of points for the night, immediate suspension of the car, driver, and owner until all fines and penalties set by Pocatello Raceway are satisfied.
    13. Any car found to be illegal through a protest will result in immediate suspension of the car, driver, and owner until all fines and penalties set by Pocatello Raceway are satisfied.